Cece Constandinides

Yoga Teacher
Studio Assistant Manger

Hi, my name is Cece.  I started my yoga journey around 5 years ago.  My first ever yoga class was at Power House Yoga and just like that I became part of the PHY family and I’ve been coming here to practice yoga ever since.  That’s why I love PHY and why I’m so honoured to teach here. The warmth and sense of community here at PHY – we all really are one big happy yoga family.  

My yoga journey has shaped me into the woman I am today.  When I met yoga, I was a little – shall we say – off with the fairies, insecure and restless.  I was instantly drawn to the sense of calm and groundedness that my yoga practice gave me and now this is something I hope to offer the community in my classes.

I completed my Teacher Training in 2018, not to teach but to learn.  I then went off to live overseas – still wandering.  I ended up right back in Berwick, at PHY, on my mat.  I realised this is home.

I am passionate about caring for others.  I am a carer for my mum and a former Legal Aid criminal defence lawyer.  In 2021, I resigned from my job to spend more time with my mum and to teach yoga – to share everything I have learned and everything I’m still learning about this amazing science with you all.

I am incredibly grateful to Dee for being a very special role model and mentor to me, both as a woman and as a teacher.  I am honoured to now teach yoga alongside her at PHY.

Yoga has given me the confidence and the intuition to follow my heart while also keeping two feet on the ground.  I can’t wait to practice with you all soon!