Hello! And welcome to Power House Yoga!!

We believe that the practice of yoga should be enjoyable, challenging, light hearted, honest, courageous and compassionate. Here at Power House Yoga, our studio offers warmth, comfort and a passionate team who will nurture you in your practice as well as offer a space where you feel safe enough to open up and explore the depths of your body and soul.

With our emphasis being on acceptance, our aim is to allow all who practice with us a place where we are able to release all judgments and criticisms that we place upon ourselves and therefore ultimately others and embrace the community spirit by sharing connections and friendships. Our team believes that by living from a place of authenticity, passion, commitment, acceptance and patience, we have the opportunity in every moment to share our energy, have a positive effect on everyone we come in contact with in our daily lives and “to be the change we wish to see in the world”.

With a strong connection to both traditional and modern yogic philosophies, our yoga classes incorporate not just the physical practices of yoga but also the opportunity to explore a deep body mind connection through the movements, breath and space for reflection and self-study (swadhyaya) – being a very important aspect of our practice. Our team aims to educate, share and guide you through the process and leave you with a sense of spaciousness, contentment and clarity.

Our classes offer a variety of options suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners as well as heated classes for the extra intensity and sweat factor. Our cool classes – being just as important to us as the hot ones – offer an opportunity to balance out our yang lifestyles with a yin perspective.

We are very passionate and dedicated to what we do, not just in our teaching philosophies but also in our own practices. This dedication and commitment to providing stand out services is displayed throughout the studio and is our roadmap when creating and delivering classes, workshops, programs and teacher trainings.

We are all teachers and we are all students – we all have knowledge and experience to share. At Power House Yoga, that knowledge and wisdom from experience is offered every day with a big smile, lots of laughter, an open heart and a playful attitude. We are always striving to be the best versions of ourselves to live a genuinely happy and fulfilled life. Our vision is to share that energy with our community allowing a place for personal transformation and inspiring others to find a healthy and happy body, mind and soul. We look forward to sharing that with you!!

See you on the mat…