Yoga FUNdamentals

Going back to the basics is not only a great way for beginners to learn about the foundations of the physical yoga practice but is also an important tool to enhance the experienced yogi’s practice as well. In a Yoga FUNdamentals workshop, we spend the time discussing alignment and correcting postures on each other. There is space to play with poses and learn the key safety points for each family of postures including forward, back and side bending, twisting and inversions. Whether it’s the basics you are after or a chance to hone your skills to deepen your practice, this workshop is for you.

The Power of Pranayama

THE BREATH OF LIFE… Intimately linked to all aspects of human function and experience. Vitalise your body and mind with this pranayama workshop. The Power of Pranayama is undeniable! We can use asana and nutrition to cleanse and purify the physical body, but add on the techniques of pranayama and feel your body mind soar!! You will be taken on a journey through breathing techniques, vitalising pranayamas, balancing pranayamas and tranquillising pranayamas. Make sure you come with an empty belly and an open heart to soak up the breath of life into your body, mind and spirit.

PHY Workshop Series

This triple bill workshop series offers you the opportunity to spend the time with experienced teachers to take your practice to the next level. With each workshop focusing on a specific area of the practice, you will be given the tools to safely and courageously explore elements of yourself that were once out of reach. You will be guided step by step through the valleys of the practice to access the depths of your capabilities. You never know if you never go.



TURN YOUR WORLD UPSIDE DOWN with this workshop based on all things inverted!! From headstand to handstand, forearm stand to shoulder stand and all variations in between, you will be given the step by step keys to unlocking the strength and awareness these postures require from us to include them in our daily practice.

Arm Balances:

FLOAT OFF THE FLOOR and have some fun in this workshop exploring all the different variations of arm balances our yoga practice has to offer!! Arm balances in the yoga practice are physically challenging and demand your full concentration (dharana). You will be given the space and knowledge required to understand how your individual body gains access to these stimulating postures.

Back Extensions:

OPEN YOUR HEART and let it light up the universe in this spine invigorating workshop. Not only will you learn how to access deeper back bending postures, you will also be guided through the basics of the anatomy of the spine. This deeper understanding of the spine and the effects these poses have on it, will allow you to embody the teachings and practise safer and even more energizing back extensions each and every time you play on your mat.

Full Body Balance

Yoga BALANCE for the whole body!! Spend a luxurious 3 hours exploring deep within the connective tissue of your body and unlock communication channels hidden deep within the tissue fibres. Full Body Balance is just what our bodies are screaming for!! Give yourself the gift of Yin Yoga coupled with Self Myofascial Release Techniques – then feel your body float and your mind relax. This workshop is a refreshing replenishment for the body and soul.

Yoga Partner Jam

At PHY, we are all about fun, laughter and lightheartedness! Yoga PARTNER JAM is just that!! A fun yet challenging twist to our yoga practice, taking all our yoga poses to a whole new level. Come with us on this journey of trust, of flight, of FUN! Join your partner, friends, family members or come on your own – “partners” are not a requirement as we all get to experience this amazing journey together!! FLY like you have never had a fall… TRUST like you have never been hurt… SHINE like the Sun!! Live BIG!! Play HUGE!! 🙂