Community Yoga

By Donation

Community Yoga classes are Yoga FLOW for the community. To cater for PHY’s Mentoring and Teacher Training Programs, these community classes are taught by up and coming yoga teachers within our community under supervision by PHY senior teachers and our Team Performance Coaches. These classes are PHY’s way of giving back to the community!!

Pay as little or as much as you can with ALL proceeds going to charity. These classes are designed to give teachers and teacher trainees experience and to give the community a taste of PHY. Come along to support the growth of yoga teachers as well as local charities.

In my classes, I aim to share that passion, commitment and dedication of the yoga practice and studies in an open hearted, fun loving yet challenging manner. I wish to give the gift of yoga that was given to me. I intend to nurture, but encourage exploration to physical and spiritual depths that may not have been discovered before. I love seeing transformation as well as personal achievements. I believe having goals and achieving them is extremely empowering and I hope to help others reach their goals or even exceed them!

So that’s me in a nutshell… I consider everyone I share yoga with a friend. I look forward to sharing a friendship with you!!

Much love, light and laughter…