Louise Saliba

Yoga Teacher
Teacher Training Assistant

My yoga journey began in 2013 when I was advised to try yoga to help balance my lifestyle and also as a stress relief. I wasn’t too sure at first, my mind was always so busy focusing on the asanas and the internal self-talk was so loud! However, after a few classes I started to feel the benefits.

I was amazed at the overall sense of calm and peace I experienced after class. I soon became addicted, attending classes regularly to achieve this state. The physical benefits I received soon saw me leave the gym and running so I could focus on yoga.

I remember taking my first power yoga class with Dee and thinking I had found a dynamic, challenging practise which allowed me to find some quiet moments within my busy mind. I toyed with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher for several months although the time didn’t feel right. Everything fell into place when Power House Yoga opened and I completed my teacher training in early 2015. As a teacher, I want to share my love of yoga and hope that like myself it can help people through the difficult challenges in life. As a nurse, I am a strong believer in health maintenance in order to prevent disease, both physically and mentally. I enjoy a regular practise and hope to see you all in class and look forward to practising alongside you all.