Tennille Lewin

Yoga Teacher

Hi, My name is Tennille, I’m a mum to an amazing young man and have a really strong passion for caring for people, both those that are close to me and those that I don’t really know well at all.

I first found yoga 8 years ago in the form of Iyengar yoga that gave me a great foundation within my practice. I then went on to practice both Vinyasa and Yin yoga to help me not only balance out my busy life as a mum and career woman but to also find balance within my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which I found could be so easily lost in my day to day life of caring for other people.

If it wasn’t for yoga I don’t think I would be able to manage and maintain a stable and even keeled life both professionally and personally. Yoga keeps me centred and focused throughout the hard times that life throws at me when I least expect it.

I look forward to sharing my practice with you.