Yoga and Pilates Near Cranbourne?
Power House Yoga!

Yoga and Pilates Classes near Cranbourne - Power House Yoga Berwick.

Just a quick 20 minute drive from Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne South, Cranbourne East and Cranbourne West and surrounding suburbs, Power House Yoga is Melbourne’s South East Suburbs newest and hottest yoga studio around! Situated in Berwick the yoga studio offers an array of different styles of yoga.

One of our biggest draw cards is our HEATED yoga classes, we believe there is no better way to keep fit and stay warm in Melbourne’s unpredictable weather! With some class types reaching a toasty 38°C room temperature!!

Often our Hot Yoga (Yoga HEAT known as to us!) gets confused and misinterpreted as Bikram yoga but that is not the style of yoga we offer at Power House Yoga. The only common link between our yoga and Bikram Yoga is the heat factor! Bikram Yoga offers 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises completed in the same succession in a 90 minute period. Power House Yoga’s Yoga HEAT is based on a Vinyasa style of practice – Vinyasa translating to breath synchronized movement. Each pose and transition is completed on an inhalation or exhalation. This mindful movement allows us to connect with our breath and use it to guide and support our practice. The Vinyasa classes offer a lot of variety, no two classes will ever be the same. We like to keep your mind and body guessing as to what is coming next which keeps it interesting for you and challenging for your body!!

In terms of our heated classes we offer a Yoga HEAT 60 minute class with a temperature ranging between 36-38°C. This is a class designed to strengthen, tone and give a full body workout all whilst enduring the high sweat factor of the HEAT. If the massive sweat and detox aspect appeals to you then this is the hot class for you!!

Otherwise we do offer another heated yoga class, Yoga POWER. A 60 minute class in a room heated to 30-32°C. Slightly cooler (if you can even say that) compared to our Yoga HEAT class but do not let that fool you! Yoga POWER is about as physically and mentally challenging as it gets! A class designed to push you to your limits in a POWERFUL Vinyasa practice.

For some, the idea of working out in such a high temperature studio can be a little daunting at first but do not worry, it is normal to sometimes feel a little overwhelmed in your first few classes especially as your body is adjusting to all the weird and wonderful postures you may have never experienced before, not to mention the heat factor. You do as little or as much as you are comfortable with. At Power House Yoga, we offer a non-judgmental, caring space to share our practice in, so no judgement at all if you spend part of the class in a resting posture allowing your body to acclimatise to the heat.

If the heat really isn’t your thing, we offer many other styles of classes. From a yin style Yoga BALANCE, a calming MEDITATION, a quick 45minute Yoga EXPRESS, a fun, energetic Yoga BEATS, a fundamental style Yoga BASICS and Yoga FLOW classes all of which are held in a mild room temperature of 20-24°C.

Our studio is accessible to all, our classes cater for beginners’ right through to the most advanced of yoga practitioners. There is something for everyone at Berwick’s’ Power House Yoga or PHY as it is affectionately known amongst our community. So if you are from the Cranbourne area and are looking for a physical activity that can assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals whether that be losing weight, burning fat, increasing muscle mass, becoming more flexible and/or calming the mind then look no further. Give Power House Yoga a try. Your first class is free and you will be welcomed into our friendly community with open arms.

We never really know what we are capable of until we try, so get outside your comfort zone and onto a yoga mat!

Always have fun with it!

Guys from the Cranbourne area? Try out heated 60 minute Yoga BLOKES class.

How do I get there from:

  • • Cranbourne’s Main Street – Head North on Gippslands Highway, Cranbourne and either cut through to Narre Warren and head right down Princes Highway to Berwick or head over to the M1 (Monash Freeway) turn right onto it and exit left at the Berwick exit.
  • • Cranbourne East – Follow Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne around until it turns into Clyde Road, Berwick. You will cross over the M1 bridge as well as the railway tracks in Berwick. The road will turn into Lyall Road, Berwick as you cross the Princes Highway, Berwick where you will find us located across the car park from Woolworths in Berwick Market Place, next door to Berwick Pharmacy and upstairs to Gusto’s Pizza.
  • • Cranbourne North – Travel down Thompson’s Road, Cranbourne and turn left at the roundabout onto Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Clyde North. Follow it all the way into the heart of Berwick.
  • • Cranbourne South – Either follow Berwick-Cranbourne Road into the heart of Berwick or cut through to Narre Warren then follow the Princes Highway into Berwick’s heart.
  • • Cranbourne West – Camms Road, Cranbourne will take you Narre Warren – Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne East where you can follow it to Narre Warren then turn right onto Princes Highway and follow it into leafy Berwick.