Pakenham Yoga? Power House Yoga!

For Yoga and Pilates Classes near Pakenham, Try Power House Yoga.

With Pakenham and Officer’s fast growing community of young, vibrant families, couples, corporates and lifestyle makers, look no further for your health and wellbeing needs. Power House Yoga, located in the heart of Berwick, is a short 15 minute drive from Pakenham and an even shorter 10 minute drive from Officer.

Just up the Princes Highway through Beaconsfield into Berwick or shoot up the Princes Freeway exiting right for Berwick, your short travel time will not disappoint with the Power House Yoga experience and all the benefits you will see and feel.

So what has Power House Yoga Berwick got that Pakenham and Officer don’t? A fresh, vibrant, state of the art yoga studio offering:

  • Yoga HEAT – aka Hot Yoga – slow flow in 36-38°C heated room
  • Yoga POWER – the most athletic form of yoga in 30-32°C heated room
  • Yoga FLOW – that’s a slower flow in a non-heated room
  • Yoga EXPRESS – that’s 45 mins of Yoga FLOW – in & out of the studio in under an hour!
  • Yoga BEATS – Yoga FLOW with extra flavour – non-heated room
  • Yoga BALANCE – yin yoga plus self-massage – non-heated
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training – Internationally accredited 3 month training course
  • Yoga Workshops and MUCH MORE!!

With 33 classes currently on the timetable, Power House Yoga offers more yoga than any other yoga studio in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne and being only 10-15 minutes away from Officer, Officer South and Pakenham, you need to look no further than the leafy suburb of Berwick to service all your yoga needs.

Berwick’s Power House Yoga caters for all levels of practice. Our very passionate and talented teachers teach to all 3 levels in each class – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. So no matter what your experience, you will feel right at home in our studio.

Even though yoga in the western world is known to be very female dominant, at Power House Yoga we offer a specialized Yoga BLOKES class for the guys that want to try a challenging form of heated yoga but would prefer to not be in the mixed classes. It’s a great stepping stone into the yogic practice reaping all the benefits, without all the fuss. Our specially trained male teachers offer the BLOKES classes with an encouraging and challenging mind set coupled with a very raw sense of humour to keep the practice light and fun.

So whether it is the full on sweat factor, all over body physical challenge that you are after or a more gentle approach to your yoga practice, Power House Yoga Berwick has it for you. The short travel time will certainly be well worth every single minute you spend in Berwick’s Power House Yoga’s tranquil, warming and welcoming studio. And with your first class being free, an awesome intro offer of 10 days for $20, memberships, class passes or casual visits, there is nothing stopping you from embarking on your yoga journey with Power House Yoga Berwick.

We look forward to seeing you on your mat. ☺