The Teacher Training Journey

The How, The What, The Who, The When, but most importantly, The WHY!   Seva, in the philosophy of yoga, means “Service” – Service to ourselves and service to others.  Becoming a yoga teacher is just that…  Service!  We serve ourselves on the yogic path; becoming the best versions of ourselves we can be and […]

Bikram Yoga vs Hot Yoga (Yoga Heat)

If only I had a dollar for the amount of times I get asked… “So is this Bikram Yoga?” The firm answer is no but I can totally understand why the question is asked so often. For so long, the only “hot” yoga was known as Bikram.  We have had Power Yoga as its heated […]

Modern Yoga Hits Berwick

Dee Taueki Originally Published by Berwick News (Star Community)   If you haven’t heard the hype yet, here it is.   Power House Yoga, a fresh, vibrant, hot yoga studio has recently opened in the heart of Berwick.   There’s a reason why everyone’s talking about this studio and according to studio owner and senior teacher […]