“I release all control to the Universe.  I am at peace with myself and with life.”  ~ Louise Hay

Continue with your insightful practice this week.  Allow yourself to let go of control and discover new territory of your practice and of your body.  Maybe challenge yourself a little more to see just how much you hold on to. 

Challenge: 6 Daily Practices + 1 Rest Day

        • 4 x Full 1 hour Vinyasa (Yoga FLOW/POWER) Practices
        • 2 x Home (45min) Practices
        • Yin Yoga BALANCE is perfect for your Rest Day


Through commitment and a dedicated practice, sitting for an extended period of time actually get’s easier.  The body and the mind both get used to act of sitting.  Without creating the solid foundation of practice however, sitting becomes a lot more difficult.  Utilise this second week to progress to a MORE sustained mediative practice.  Watch, observe and allow yourself to wake up to the illuminated Being that you are.

Challenge: Daily Guided Meditation ~ Week 2 = 20 mins per day


Your one day cleanse last week has paved the foundation for this week’s commitment of a two day cleanse.  Note: these two days must be consecutive days (e.g. Monday & Tuesday).  One day is manageable as you would have discovered last week.  Two days however, becomes that much more challenging.  Remember:  it’s a mental game more than a physical one.  This week, you will need to keep reminding yourself of the benefits of cleansing, the fact that we don’t “need” the food we eat, it’s the mind “wanting” to fulfill the addiction and remind yourself of the reasons why you embarked on this MORE journey.  You will need to keep talking yourself into the cleanse because your mind will try and talk you out of it.  Remember, the key is to stay busy.  Boredom will torment you and the cravings of your mind will bring you undone.  Plan your cleansing days, commit to them and prepare your self and your food for these days of cellular repair.

Challenge:  Week 2 ~ 2 Consecutive Day Cleanse


The questions don’t get easier… we get better at inquiring.  This week we continue the self-examination to uncover MORE of our inner most Self.  Shining a spotlight on aspects of ourselves that we don’t normally ‘see’, has proven benefits towards this path of liberation.  Liberating ourselves from the shackles of our limiting core beliefs is the essence of this great science.  Allow your inner world to light up!! 

Challenge:  Continue to answer the daily MORE ‘Core Confidence’ questions as well as your daily gratitude practice and your positive affirmations.