“Magic is believing in yourself.  If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.” ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Utilise this second week of the challenge to really hone your skills.  Maybe go back to basics and strengthen your technique.  A beginners mind is a very powerful tool to remind ourselves of and to return home to… often!


Challenge: 6 Daily Practices + 1 Rest Day 

        • 5 x Full 1 hour Vinyasa (Yoga FLOW/POWER) Practices ~ More if you’re feeling up to it.
        • 1 x Home (60mins) Practices
        • Yin Yoga BALANCE is perfect for your Rest Day


Remember, every single thing you do is reinforcing habit patterns.  Yoga gifts us the clarity of awareness.  You have the Ultimate power to choose which habits you wish to reinforce and which habits you don’t.  Allow yourself to really notice this week exactly what you are reinforcing. 


Challenge: Daily Guided Meditation ~ Week 2 = 25 mins twice per day


Life doesn’t get easier, we get stronger!  You already know from the MORE program that day two is tough!  Cleansing is more about mental focus and will power than it is about physical “needs”.  Remind yourself of your goals… remind yourself of the benefits… remind yourself of the mental games the mind plays… and allow yourself to reap the full benefits of this 3 day cleanse.


Challenge:  Week 2 ~ 3 Consecutive Day Cleanse


Self-Study is a daily, even moment-to-moment practice.  It’s not just something we do on the mat or in a formal, sit down session.  Every single interaction and every single conversation we have is an opportunity to inquire… How am I relating to this situation at this very moment?  What is the quality of my self-talk?  What innate ‘beliefs’ do I have that are “clouding” or “colouring” this moment?… this experience?


The deeper we dig, the more we uncover.  It’s not easy… if it was, everyone would be experts at it.  We know that the hardest and most challenging things in life often gift us with the most opportunities for change and transformation.


Continue on the path.


Challenge:  Continue to answer the daily Ultimate ‘Core Confidence’ questions as well as your daily gratitude practice and your positive affirmations.